Letter: Pork chop dinner fundraiser to aid fireworks

By on March 11, 2010

One of the least expensive ways to enjoy summer vacation is to take advantage of local events. They require no hotels, no air fares, no gasoline.

The Elburn Chamber-sponsored Day in the Park has been one such great day. Not just fireworks but volleyball, basketball, bags tournaments, bands, a health fair, food vendors, family picnicking and socializing with friends add to the fun.

This great day has in the past been almost entirely funded by local businesses, but budget cuts have decreased these contributions a bit, and the balance needs to be made up from other sources. Last year, the Elburn Chamber found that the funding just wasn’t there for the day and had to cancel it. We are determined to bring it back this year, but we need your help.

Tickets for a pork chop dinner are being sold at local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce for Wednesday, March 31. A portion of each ticket sold goes directly to the fireworks. For the cost of going out for a night, you can have a great dinner at home prepared by the Elburn Lion’s Club and know that you helped in paying for the fireworks.

But there’s something else you can do. The food pantry has had a greater than usual demand for their services. You can also help them by purchasing extra tickets and donating them to the food pantry. These tickets will be given out as part of the food packages and it would be a great blessing to a struggling family.

Help us plan for a great Day in the Park. Go to a local business with an Elburn Chamber sticker or call Jessica at the Elburn Chamber at (630) 365-2295 and buy tickets for a pork chop dinner for your family, and while you’re at it, buy an extra ticket or two for the food pantry.

Then on Wednesday, March 31, drive to Lions Park between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. and an assistant will bring your dinners out to your car. Tickets must be preordered and purchased by Friday, March 19, to be ready for March 31, so don’t wait. Call today and rediscover that many of the best things in life are in our own backyard.

Bill Brauer
Elburn Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors