First Street work officially finished

By on March 13, 2010

ELBURN—The village of Elburn will remit a final payment of $126,922 for the First Street reconstruction to the insurance company that coordinated the project’s completion.

The village hired a contractor in 2007 to install the improvements for more than $750,000. The company left some of the work unfinished, said village officials, who relied on the contractor’s insurer, Traveler’s Casualty and Surety Company of America to complete the project.

The First Street project included resurfacing several blocks of First Street in downtown Elburn and installing drainage improvements between North Street and just south of Lilac Street. The village paid for the project with motor fuel taxes.

Village engineers from Rempe-Sharpe & Associates, Inc. confirmed on Feb. 26 that all the remaining work was completed by the Travelers-hired contractor and its subcontractors.