Board approved higher water/sewer fees

By on March 19, 2010

ELBURN—Households in Elburn will have higher water and sewer bills starting May 1, for usage in April.

The Village Board on Monday approved a new customer base fee of $5 for water and $5 for sewer, plus new usage rates of $2.60 per 100 cubic feet (cf) for sewer and $3.50 per cf for water.

The board voted unanimously in favor of the new water and sewer charges, and all trustees were present.

Elburn officials determined that the village needs to charge more for water and sewer service because of rising costs, declining revenue and an aging water and sewer system needing costly repairs. They expect that the increase will boost water and sewer revenue for operations and improvements by at least $450,000 annually.

The village had not raised its water and sewer rates in many years. The current rates are $2 per cf for sewer and $2.69 for water.