Officials resume consideration of pedestrian crossing for Metra

By on March 20, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Elburn Planning Commissioners on Monday revisited a past proposal to construct a pedestrian crossing over the railroad tracks between the Metra station and the north side of the village.

They hope the village can pursue the project in the future to reduce risks for people walking across the railway to and from the station and their homes or downtown Elburn.

“It should be the town’s mandate to provide a safe way for people to cross the tracks,” Planning Commissioner John Krukoff said.

Village officials did not proceed with the project after a 2006 engineering study estimated the cost of a pedestrian overpass of bridge, and a pedestrian tunnel.

“Unfortunately, all the options were very expensive,” Planning Commission Chairman Jeff Metcalf said.

After some discussion Monday, Planning Commissioners ruled out the pedestrian tunnel as an option for a future pedestrian crossing.

“Tunnels end up being hidden crime areas, they are wet and smelly, and become rundown in a couple of years,” Commissioner Paul Molitor said.

The Planning Commission did not make a recommendation to the village on Monday, but will discuss the issue further at future meetings.

Krukoff suggested that the village could work with the county to try to obtain federal grants for a pedestrian overpass.

Possible sites, estimated costs
• Pedestrian overpass from southeast
corner of Village Hall property on North
Street, to the west side of the Metra
property, $1.2 million
• Overpass from vacant village lot on North
Street just north of the Metra station, to
the west end of the Metra platform,
• Overpass from the south side of North
Street near the Elburn Animal Hospital
to 100 feet west of the Metra platform,