RV owners want an answer

By on March 19, 2010

Officials unsure of private-property parking rules
by Martha Quetsch
MAPLE PARK—Don Holder of Maple Park parks his trailer on a gravel area alongside his garage. Now, he’s not so sure he is allowed to do this, since village officials are not sure either.

Holder became doubtful after Maple Park police recently approached him and other RV owners to tell them that the village soon will enforce its municipal code ordinances, without specifying which ones.

Holder said he called the village to ask whether he could still park his trailer next to his garage but was not given an answer.

“They really didn’t clear it up,” Holder said. “No one seems to know if it is an ordinance violation.”

Before buying his house at 804 Willow St. three years ago, Holder wanted to make sure this would be allowed, so he called the village and was told it was permitted, he said.

“That is why I moved to Maple Park, because I could do that (park a trailer on his property),” Holder said.

When Village President Kathy Curtis was asked if Maple Park’s municipal code allows trailers, motor homes, boats and other RVs to be parked on residential property, she did not have the answer.

“It is not that easy; that is why the building inspector has been contracted to interpret (the code),” Curtis told the Elburn Herald on Tuesday.

The municipal code is composed of all municipal regulations, which were established through ordinances passed by the Village Board over the years. The village recently employed Bill Dettmer of International Codes and Consultants, Inc., to interpret the regulations and canvass the village for violations.

If the building inspector determines that the current code allows residents to park RVs on their property, it is uncertain whether village officials will change the code in the future to restrict that parking. Village President Kathy Curtis said Tuesday that she did not want to comment at this time about whether or not that might happen.

Maple Park resident Don Schiff hopes the village will continue allowing him to park his trailer in his driveway at 526 S. Huntley St. He said the section of the code that pertains to parking “didn’t clarify” the current regulation.

Schiff, Holder and several other RV owners from Maple Park attended the village’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday to request more information about village ordinances regulating RV parking. However, the committee meeting format does not allow for public comment, so Holder and the others plan to attend the next Village Board meeting on Tuesday, April 6, to talk to trustees about the issue.