Letter: Proud of Congressman Bill Foster

By on March 25, 2010

I’m proud that Congressman Bill Foster voted in favor of health-care reform legislation passed in the House of Representatives.

The lies and scare tactics have been intense. Vast amounts of money have and will be spent to discredit the very people who have bravely worked to fix a system that thrives by restricting or denying health care rather than providing it.

Please take a good look at what the new rules really do and do not do. Small businesses get tax credits to provide coverage for their employees. That should help them keep employees in these tough economic times. Children with pre-existing conditions can’t be denied insurance, and there won’t be lifetime limits to their coverage. A little girl’s illness won’t bring her whole family financial ruin.

There are plenty of reasons not to improve the current health-care system. Unfortunately, they have little to do with health care. The reforms Congressman Bill Foster endorsed will provide us all a healthier future.

Frank Imhoff
Elgin Township Democrats