Letter: Happy with Congressman Foster’s availability

By on March 25, 2010

Like Cody McCubbin, I too took time away from my family in order to attend “Congress on Your Corner” in Elburn on March 6.

This is the third event I have been able to attend with Congressman Foster since he has been in office. Although the time with him is limited, I greatly appreciate the fact that he even shows up to do these events. Personally, I like the private one-on-one session. Not all people are comfortable speaking publicly in town hall meeting formats.

Beginning around 2002 through the end of his term, I began calling then-Congressman Hastert’s office to find out about town hall meetings or any event I might attend to speak to him about my concerns.

I was repeatedly told “he has nothing scheduled.” At the same time, I would read about the local fundraisers he was having. Although Mr. McCubbin is unhappy about Foster’s chosen format, Foster’s availability has been far greater to his constituents than his predecessor, and we didn’t have to attend a fundraiser to see him.

Carol Green


  1. RM

    March 25, 2010 at 3:57 PM

    Some folks prefer the pay to play method. That’s how they get what they want.

  2. jim from sycamore

    March 26, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    Carol: I had no difficulty in meeting with Speaker Hastert. I spoke to him in his office and he came out to our company many times. In all fairness his visits were less after he became Speaker. I would doubt the Bill Foster would be easy to access if he held that position.

    The other difference between the two was that you may not have agreed with Speaker Hastert but you knew where he stood on a position, and he actually listened to your point of view. That does not seem to be the same with Bill Foster. He says one thing and votes another. It does not seem to matter how his constituents feel about an issue. The good thing is that I think after November Bill Foster will have a lot more time to talk to you, and I hope I have a representative that acutally listens to the people that elected him.

    Jim from Sycamore

  3. RM

    March 28, 2010 at 5:50 PM

    I imagine Denny showed up at your company because they contributed to his campaign. I’m sure you’re right about his position as Speaker. There is only so much time and too much to do.

    It fascinates me that people crucify Foster for not being available enough. If he spends all his time here talking to people, how could he do his job in DC? Personally I’d rather talk to him face to face instead on in a crowd of screamers. I don’t expect any politician to agree with everything I think or say or to vote how I say. They’re not elected to be puppets.

    I supported healthcare reform although there are a lot of things wrong with the bill as written. I think those issues can be fixed along the way.