Editorial: You have received your U.S. Census forms, or maybe not

By on April 1, 2010

If you have not received your U.S. Census form in the mail by now, do not expect to receive one.

According to Elburn Village President Dave Anderson, there are many local residents who will not receive a form because they receive their mail at a P.O. box. However, there are some residents who do access their mail from a P.O. box that will receive the form.

So how do you know if you are on the “to receive” or “not to receive” list?

You don’t. Simply put, if you have received your form already, then you were on the “to receive” list. If you haven’t yet, then now you know you were on the “not to receive” list.

According to Anderson, there is no pattern or rationale provided when trying to find out why some received the forms and some did not.

The only consistent thing about the census is that everyone does need to be counted. An accurate head count determines the number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives allocated to each state, as well as determining the allocation of federal funds for various community services and construction projects. It also determines funding levels for various local and state governmental entities.

Not only is it important that everyone respond to the census, it is required by law.

Therefore, if you have received your census form in the mail and not replied, please do so prior to May 1. If you never received your form in the mail, then there are various places in your community in which you can pick one up.

In Elburn, forms are available at the Elburn Herald office, 123 N. Main St.; Town and Country Public Library, 320 E. North St.; Elburn Post Office at 815 N. Main St.; and Elburn Village Hall, 301 E. North St.

If you do not live in Elburn and also find yourself on the “not to receive” list, you should contact your village office to find out where to find one.

For more information, contact the village of Elburn at (630) 365-5060 or visit www.elburn.il.us; the village of Sugar Grove at (630) 466-4507 or visit www.sugar-grove.il.us; the village of Maple Park at (815) 827-3309 or visit www.villageofmaplepark.com; or the village of Kaneville at (630) 557-0037 or visit www.villageofkaneville.com.