All about the Fox Valley Wildlife Center

By on April 4, 2010

Elburn—The Fox Valley Wildlife Center is a private, not-for-profit organization in Elburn that cares for orphaned and injured wildlife. The FVWC is state and federally licensed, and is the only rehabilitation center in Kane County.

It provides hospital care for wild animals who need help and have been impacted by man in some way. The goal is to release these animals back into the wild because they deserve a second chance, said Roberta Fredendall, organizational volunteer.

I found an animal … help!
Most people don’t realize that keeping any wildlife is illegal unless you have the proper licenses to do so. If you find a baby animal, you need to keep it in a warm, dark, quiet place and either bring the animal to the Fox Valley Wildlife Center during operating hours, or call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator immediately. You can find this information at

Handle the baby the least amount possible. Improper care and handling can compromise the baby’s health, recovery and chances for eventual release. Wildlife at any age is severely stressed in a human’s care.

“What we see as comfort, such as holding and cuddling, they see as a life-threatening situation,” Fredendall said. “This stress can have serious impact on their health and can even be fatal.”

If you find baby bunnies
One of the most common, yet innocent errors made during the spring season is bringing in a full nest of baby bunnies with the expectation that their mother has abandoned them. Mother rabbits only return to the nest at dawn and dusk.

If their nest has been damaged, it can be repaired. Look for a shallow depression lined with grass/fur. Place babies in nest with light layers of grass to hide them. Leave the area, or the mother won’t return.

If you find healthy bunnies that are four or five inches long, able to hop, with eyes open and ears up, they do not need help. They are able to survive on their own. Leave them alone.

Education programs
A Fox Valley Wildlife Center Education Program is a great choice for schools and a wide variety of clubs and civic groups to learn more about wildlife around us and to discover ways to help, Fredendall said.

“We will tell your group about some of the animals found in this area, how wild animals interact with the environment, how to judge if an animal actually needs help, and ways to provide help,” she said.

Programs are held both outdoors and inside, and are offered by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Programs are variable in length, based on your requirements and the time available. Contact the center for details and possible fees—charges depend on services offered.

Call (630) 365-3800 to arrange a program for your school or club.

Center offers Wild Baby Shower
Elburn—The Fox Valley Wildlife Center will hold a baby shower to prepare for the orphaned birds and mammals that will be coming into their care this year.

The baby shower will take place Sunday, April 11, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Wildlife Center, located in the Elburn Woods Forest Preserve on Route 38, west of Route 47 in Elburn.

Snacks and beverages will be served, and children can participate in fun activities and craft projects. Guests will also get a chance to visit with the Fox Valley Wildlife Center’s education animals.

Please bring a shower gift for the babies from the center’s wish list, available at

Reservations are not necessary. For more information, call (630) 365-3800.