Kaneland Krier: Unmasking Prom 2010

By on April 12, 2010

by Jessica Corbett
Kaneland Krier Editor
Kaneland News Bureau

Long, elegant dresses, black tuxedos, roses, limousines and— a mask? This year’s prom theme, Unmasking the Night, will add another item to the typical prom checklist: a mask.

The theme choice, as well as all other prom-related decisions, was made by a group of 20 junior girls who make up the prom committee.

“The committee got together and looked through the catalogs for decoration ideas they liked,” prom committee adviser Lorna Code said. “The vote was not unanimous, but it definitely leaned towards the one idea.”

Prom committee adviser Patty Welker said she thinks the seniors will be pleasantly surprised with the masquerade theme.

Code agreed.

“I think the committee took the suggestions and requests they heard ahead of time and took that into consideration when choosing the theme,” Code said.

“The girls on the committee came there with an idea of how they wanted to roll,” Welker said.

“After we chose the theme, we took a field trip to NIU in order for the committee to get an idea of the venue for prom,” Code said.

Prom will be held May 1 in the Duke Ellington Ballroom at NIU.

Junior Caitlyn Young, a member of prom committee, said that holding prom at NIU makes it more special, instead of just having it at the high school.

“Doors open at 6 p.m., dinner is at 7 p.m. and coronation is at 9 p.m. The entire thing goes from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.,” Code said.

There will be a change in the coronation plans this year.

“There will only be a King and Queen, not a Prince and Princess,” Code said.

The tickets and invitations will be printed by the Graphics Department at Fox Valley Career Center, and “we hand-deliver invitations to all the juniors and seniors,” Welker said.

Ticket sales will take place April 14-16 and April 20-23 during STEN in the commons area, and cost $60 for a single and $120 for a couple.

That’s a $5 increase from last year. Ticket prices have increased because the actual food cost stayed the same, but some of the other things have gone up, Welker said.

Food will be provided by NIU, so the menu was decided on the field trip. Code said the food will be suited to everyone’s taste.

Prom attendees will find out the menu “when we sell the tickets. They’ll get a little insert on the schedule of the evening and what the menu will be,” Code said.

Bigsy’z Audio will provide music, which is the same DJ that played at last year’s prom.

The prom committee has met each Tuesday during STEN to plan 2010’s prom.

“As prom gets closer, we’ll be working a lot of after-school hours. (The girls) have been so agreeable; they’ve worked together really well, and they’re accepting of each other’s ideas. It’s been a really great collaborative effort,” Code said.

Young said she enjoys being a part of prom committee.

“It’s really fun making all the decisions, plus my friends are in it, so that’s cool, too,” she said.

She also said the committee has functioned well because they stay open-minded and remember that everyone has good ideas.

Code expressed high hopes for the 2010 prom.

“Every year, the prom committee thinks the prom they put on is the best,” Code said. “I always hope that the people who were on the prom committee the previous year will be overwhelmed by what the next group does for them, because they know how much work goes into it.”

Photo: sxc.hu