School Board votes against a school fee increase

By on April 16, 2010

by Susan O’Neill
KANELAND—The Kaneland School Board on Monday voted 5-2 to keep school fees at their current rate.

Based on feedback from several community members that there might be support for such a move, school administrators brought a plan before the board to increase certain fees by 20 percent. According to Assistant Superintendent for Business Julie-Ann Fuchs, this adjustment would increase school revenue by approximately $38,000, depending on the number of participants in next year’s programs.

“I’m against asking parents to pay more.” board member Deborah Grant said. “Our fees are high enough; we’re already at the top for athletics.”

Grant said that with the parking fee increase and the increase in athletic fees, as well as the elimination of after-school buses, this would hit some students even harder.

Board member Cheryl Krauspe was in favor of the increase, saying that individuals within the community have said they would support such a move. She added that the Sports Boosters group has been very generous in supporting students who cannot afford the sports fees.

However, other than Ken Carter, the other board members did not support the increase.

“I agree with Diane,” board member Elmer Gramley said. “This is not the time to do this.”