Letter: Maple Park needs volunteers to step up

By on February 12, 2009

Maple Park is a large area, not just a small town, and mailing addresses cover many miles. I just wanted to point that out with the news of the latest arrests of “Maple Park” residents.

That being said, my family moved to the town at a time when the Village Board meetings were being held in a trustee’s basement, and a successful local restaurant/bar was being forced out of business because organized crime was dictating what entertainment was being offered there.

Maple Park has grown a great deal since the early-’70s, and some growth has been for good and some for bad. By the ’80s, we had a local “pornography bust” of a neighbor. By the end of the ’90s and into the new century, we had local bar card games become syndicate gambling, after an earlier time of being a place where money out of Chicago was laundered (yes, did many of you even realize that?).

Even with these problems, Maple Park is still a good community to live in and raise families. The Village Board now meets regularly in public. The trustees, for the most part, have the good interest of the community at heart. It is time for more old and new citizens to step up and take responsibility for the day-to-day operations of our village.

Ross Dueringer stepped up at a critical time and has worked hard to listen to and reflect everyone’s opinions. It is hard to please everyone all the time. He is tired and would like to step back.

As in many communities that have growth, there is a pull between the long-time residents and the newcomers. Are you concerned about having a good atmosphere for ourselves and our children?

If we practice good family values and volunteerism, it will be reflected in the community, as well as in the direction our community goes into the future. Please do something positive to improve where we live. New ideas can blend with older ones for a positive outlook. Volunteer your time and energy to keep more positive messages coming out of Maple Park.

It truly does take a village to do what needs to be done.

Ruth Cain
Maple Park