Letter: Global warming dilemma

By on April 14, 2010

Fifty years ago I was teaching and preaching about global warming and its catastrophic effects on our climate. It is obvious that nothing has changed.

Our political leaders still clamor for votes at the expense of our environment. Decisions are dictated by the economy. If the economy is good, they get the votes; and that’s it.

Now, our president is promoting off-shore drilling. How disappointing. This is definitely not the answer. More use of fossil fuels will only exacerbate our global warming dilemma.

I always tried to teach a very important value. Sometimes we don’t want to do something, but it is the right thing to do. It is definitely time for all Americans to do the right thing and possibly change many of our ways for the sake of a better world for future generations.

Let’s begin with conservation. If we eliminate 50 percent of the things we don’t need, we wouldn’t miss them. For the most part, it is our wants and not our needs that do most of the harm to our environment.

What if everyone drove the speed limit? We would reduce our dependence on fossil fuels considerably and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.

Instead of more and more fossil fuels, let’s turn to the sun for our energy. If we do, it will shine down upon all of us and generations to come.

It is time to stop the fossil fuel industry from dictating our future, which could very well be catastrophic. Just think what we could do with all the money that will be spent on retrieving oil from below the Gulf and instead use it to develop solar and other alternative sources of energy.

Finally, let’s do the right thing, even though it may cause us some discomfort.

Earl Montgomery
Sugar Grove