Letter: Schmidt’s Town Tap revitalized downtown Elburn

By on April 22, 2010

As former Elburn residents, we have been amazed at the renewal that has occurred in the downtown area with the addition of a new bar and grill, Schmidt’s Town Tap.

Formerly, there was little or no activity on Main Street (Route 47), with few pedestrians visible on these quiet village streets. We have had several occasions to visit and eat at Schmidt’s during the winter and spring months, all with the same result.

Formerly empty parking spots along the street are now full. People who seemingly know each other congregate outside the restaurant and visit. The restaurant itself is very appealing with a lodge-like motif staged in highest quality construction.

This is no surprise as the owner is Kevin Schmidt, lifelong Elburn resident and custom home builder. The menu, food, spirits and service are top notch and affordable.

But perhaps the most distinctive feature is that patrons seem to know many of the people there. It has become a central gathering place for families and customers of all ages for all types of occasions.

Once again, downtown Elburn has the vitality and appeal we associate with small-town America. Schmidt’s is the new place “where everybody knows your name.” Bravo to the village of Elburn for this wonderful small business revitalization. We will be coming back again and again.

Janet and Paul Lueck