Hatcher gathers signatures

By on April 25, 2010

State Rep. seeks support for jobs, opposition to tax increases
Yorkville—State Rep. Kay Hatcher posted petitions on her website so local families can sign-on in support of measures to create jobs and to make known their opposition to proposed tax increases.

“Creating and supporting jobs must be our top focus,” Hatcher said. “No matter what other steps we take, families will continue to struggle and so will our economy and state budget until we get people back to work … With these petitions, we will be sending a loud and clear message to the governor and to Speaker Madigan that we need jobs now.”

Hatcher said that Fox Valley families also need to send the message to the governor and the speaker that we can’t afford a 33 percent income tax increase.

“Unemployment statewide is at 12 percent. Since the economic downturn began, we have lost 407,000 jobs. Raising taxes on families or employers now is one of the worst things we could possibly do. We need to make sure that message gets through as well … and the more signatures we get, the stronger the message,” Hatcher said.

Both petitions are posted on Hatcher’s website, www.hatcher.ilhousegop.org. Petitions can be printed out or e-mailed to Hatcher directly from the website. Once signatures are collected, she will take the petitions to Springfield.

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  1. RM

    April 25, 2010 at 6:30 PM

    So how much money would Hatcher like to spend that we don’t have creating jobs? With a $13 billion deficit, clearly Hatcher is unfit to represent us. She has no ideas. We can’t cut our way or borrow our way to a solution. My property taxes went up 17%. This will be a regular event until we all move away because we have nobody in Springfield who has a clue what needs to be done to fix this giant mess. My property taxes are 1.5x what I paid in state income tax. In a few years, it’ll be cheaper to rent than own. We may as well eliminate state taxes and disband state government. They do nothing but cost us. We can give all our state tax to the county and let them do what the state can’t.