Elburn mission statement emphasizes ‘small-town values’

By on April 30, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Although a proposed mission statement for the village of Elburn emphasizes small-town values, it does not mean that the village’s philosophy is anti-growth, Village President Dave Anderson said.

Trustee Jerry Schmidt said during Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting that he was concerned that “small-town” indicates that Elburn does not want to grow. But Anderson said it means that as growth occurs, the village will retain its small-town values.

“When we get to 15,000 people, hopefully we will have those same values,” Anderson said.

Anderson said small-town values “encompasses a lot of things … it’s like ‘Cheers’—everybody knows your name. To me that’s a small-town value, when you recognize people and say hello on the street.”

Trustee Jeff Walter said “everything in the mission statement should be definable.” He wants the board to talk further about what is meant by “small-town values” in the mission statement.

Walter said Wednesday that he interprets small-town values to mean “conservative, family-oriented, Christian, open and friendly.”

“That really is what we are,” said Walter.

However, he added that other people might not define small-town values in the same way.

The mission statement will be the philosophy behind every decision that village officials make in the future, said Anderson, who composed the statement with feedback from the Planning Commission.

The mission statement will be on the Village Board agenda on Monday, May 3, for further discussion and possible board approval.

Proposed mission statement for Elburn:
“We are and shall be an innovative community that maintains
small-town values while working to enhance the quality of life of our
residents; promote and support our businesses; and welcome
new opportunities which enable the Village of Elburn to be the ideal place
to live, work, worship and play.”