Sports bar proposed for Sugar Grove

By on April 30, 2010

by Susan O’Neill
Sugar Grove—If all goes well with village approvals, Sugar Grove could have a sports bar by this fall.

Local businessman Jim Ratos, whose family owns The Fireside Grille, purchased land at the northwest corner of Route 47 and Waubonsee Drive, and has been working with the owner of an established sports bar in Yorkville, who wants to expand into Sugar Grove.

“I really like the location,” Ratos said. “It’s close to the college.”

He added that the location could even potentially draw customers from Elburn.

Ratos said that, based on the set-up the owner has in Yorkville, he envisions a family menu and a beer garden outside, with a young crowd frequenting the establishment in the evening.

“We need it,” he said. “We’ve been the only game in town for a long time. We’re excited.”

In addition to the 4,900-square-foot sports bar with outdoor seating, the 4-acre site Ratos wants to develop would include a 4,700-square-foot gas station and a fast food drive-through restaurant. North of the gas station, a 9,600-square-foot retail building would include eight tenant spaces.

According to Sugar Grove planner Mike Ferencak, a restaurant or two could potentially locate in this building and take advantage of the outdoor seating at the north end of the building. In addition, north of the sports bar, along Heartland Drive, an 8,800-square-foot office and retail building would house another eight tenant spaces.

According to Ferencak, the gas station, fast-food restaurant and sports bar would like to start construction as soon as possible this summer, for possible fall openings. The other buildings would be built out in later phases.

Ratos is slated to begin meeting with the Plan Commission this month.