Parents helped make it successful

By on April 30, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Four to eight parents typically volunteered to help during each of the twice-monthly Friday Knightlife programs held at Elburn & Countryside Community Center since last fall.

“One of the requirements when we set up the program was that if you signed up your child you had to donate one week to volunteer,” program coordinator and Community Center Board member Bill Brauer said.

“Some parents have done three or four weeks, which has been very helpful,” he added.

On the last night of the program, parent Chris O’Connor was a volunteer. Her daughter Alina, a John Stewart student, participates in the Friday Knightlife regularly.

O’Connor’s role that evening was to check in the children and make sure the Community Center had an emergency contact number for them, then “send mom and dad off and let the kids have fun,” while she and other parents made sure everybody stayed safe.

She said the program has been a great opportunity for Alina.

“She’s really enjoyed it, so I hope it takes off,” O’Connor said.