Rash of burglaries in Kaneville

By on May 6, 2010

Investigation under way, tips welcome
by Martha Quetsch
(originally posed May 3, 2010; updated May 6, 2010)

KANEVILLE—Elio Rizzi, 4, recently spent about a week in the hospital, and his mom promised him he could ride his dirt bike after he got home. Unfortunately, the bike was stolen in one of 12 burglaries that took place in Kaneville at the end of April.

Excited to ride his bike, Elio went out to the backyard shed on April 30 where it was stored, but it wasn’t there, and neither were his two brothers’ dirt bikes.

“He came running back and said, ‘It’s gone. They’re all gone,’” said his mom, Tracy Rizzi.

Someone had broken into the shed and taken the dirt bikes, as well as several tools, during the night. Rizzi said she knows that is when the burglary took place, because the boys had washed their bikes the previous afternoon.

The Rizzis, who live at 2S368 Harter Road, found out from neighbors and the Kane County Sheriff’s Department that many other sheds and garages in the area had been burglarized around the same time.

“We were just disgusted,” Rizzi said.

Sheriff’s Department Lt. Pat Gengler said that 11 incidents of burglaries to private property in a Kaneville neighborhood were reported on April 30, all of them occurring sometime in the early morning hours before daylight. Another burglary was reported to have occurred between April 24 and 29 in the same area.

In addition, on Wednesday morning, a resident reported that someone stole a four-wheeler and a lawn sprayer from his garage in the 2S300 block of Locust Street. Gengler said investigators were trying to determine when this burglary occurred.

Sheriff’s investigators believe all 13 burglaries may have been committed by the same perpetrators.

“They are in the exact same geographical area, so we are definitely looking into them as possibly related,” Gengler said.

Four Kane County Sheriff’s Department officers responded to the residents reports on April 30, and officers have been interviewing each victim since then. Gengler said the officers who patrol that area of the county were alerted about the incidents and will step up their patrolling there as much as possible.

Following are the burglaries for which Gengler had reports as of the Elburn Herald’s press time on Wednesday.
• Two tires were stolen from a trailer parked in a driveway in the 46W600 block of Elm Street sometime between April 24 and 27.
• Someone broke the lock on the door of a shed in the 46W600 block of Elm Street sometime between 9 p.m. April 29 and 4 p.m. April 30. Nothing was taken.
• Someone broke into a home in the 2S200 block of Locust Court, an officer discovered when in Kaneville investigating the other burglaries on April 30. A resident told the officer that he saw a light on in the home, which was a foreclosed, vacant home. The officer went to the house and found a door open.
• A Moped was stolen from a shed in the 46W500 block of Locust Street, sometime between 10 p.m. April 29 and 8 a.m. April 30. Officers found no sign of forced entry.
• A Honda lawnmower and a go-cart were stolen from an unlocked shed in the 46W600 block of Locust Street sometime betweem 8 p.m. April 29 and 8 a.m. April 30.
• A Honda dirt bike was stolen from an unlocked shed in the 2S200 block of Elm Court sometime between 3 and 5 a.m. April 30. The burglary was reported on May 1.

Other burglaries were to sheds and garages at the following addresses: One incident each in the 46W800 block of Elm St., the 2S300 block of Elm Court, the 46W600 block of Harter Road, and the 2S300 block of Dauberman Road; and two incidents in the 2S200 block of Elm Court. Tools, machinery and other items were stolen.

Lt. Gengler said sheriff’s officers are investigating the burglaries but have made no arrests. He asked that anyone with information they believe is related to the burglaries call the Sheriff’s Department investigations office at (630) 208-2024 or the crime hotline in the evening at (630) 232-6840.

“Anything can be useful in these types of situations, even if you noticed something in the neighborhood a week ago that didn’t seem right,” Gengler said.

Photo: Elio (left) and Otto Rizzi no longer have dirt bikes, since someone stole them April 30 from their shed. Their dad, Brett, had this sign made for the family’s front yard on Harter Road, announcing a cash reward for information on who burglarized his and 12 other properties in Kaneville. Courtesy Photo