Rep. Foster votes to block automatic pay increases

By on May 8, 2010

Foster donates pay raise to Northern Illinois Food Bank
Washington—Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) recently voted for H.R. 5146, bipartisan legislation that would stop automatic pay increases for members of Congress in FY 2011. Last year, Foster voted for H.R. 156, which ultimately blocked the FY 2010 Congressional pay raise.

“At a time when Congress must restore fiscal discipline to address the deficit, automatic pay raises for Members of Congress are not the answer,” said Foster. “This pay increase is unnecessary and inappropriate.”

Foster was a cosponsor of both pieces of legislation that blocked the pay increase in FY 2010 and FY 2011. He is also a cosponsor of legislation, H.R. 4720, that would reduce the rate of basic pay for members of Congress by 5 percent.

“Though I am proud to have worked with a bipartisan group over the past two years to successfully block the automatic pay raises for members of Congress, the 2009 pay raise is still in effect,” said Foster. “I believe, as I did last year, that this money could be put to better use as our economy recovers, which is why I am happy to donate this money to charity.”

The FY 2009 pay raise was voted on before Foster was elected to office. Like last year, Foster again donated the FY09 pay raise this year, which amounts to $4,700, to the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

“Congressman Foster has been a strong advocate and personal supporter of Northern Illinois Food Bank for quite some time,” said Dennis Smith, President and CEO of NIFB. “Funds will be used to help build a new food distribution and community nutrition center. Congressman Foster understands the critical nature of building a food security net that will support those in need for many years to come.”