Tight budget has MP seeking grants, loans

By on May 7, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
MAPLE PARK—Maple Park officials continue to seek loans and grants to pay for public works projects that are unaffordable under the village budget.

The Village Board approved the 2010-11 fiscal-year budget on Monday, with $1.5 million in expenses and $1.4 million in revenue. The village will have to use part of its $740,000 reserve fund to cover the shortfall.

A proposed reduction in state income taxes disbursed to municipalities would cause more financial challenges for the revenue-strapped village. Under Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposal, Maple Park’s revenue would drop by about $30,000. The Village Board on Monday approved a resolution opposing the proposed state decrease.

Another budget blow came this week when the village was notified that the federal government turned down a joint application by the villages of Maple Park, Cortland and Elburn for economic stimulus funds, trustee Suzanne Fahnestock said.

Maple Park sought $1.8 million to improve sections of the village’s aging stormwater sewers, which do not effectively mitigate water during heavy rains or when snow melts, Maple Park Village President Kathy Curtis said.

Village officials are optimistic that Maple Park will receive a $5 million loan they applied for in March from Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, funded by federal economic stimulus money, for a larger wastewater treatment plant.

“We hope to secure the stimulus loan in October 2011,” Curtis said. “No other thoughts have been discussed at this point.”

Curtis said the village’s next step will be to seek funding for village projects through a new grant program in Kane County.