Sugar Grove joins Ride in Kane

By on February 12, 2009

Services to begin by May 1

by Susan O’Neill
The Village Board agreed Tuesday to participate in the county-wide Ride in Kane program, in conjunction with the Sugar Grove Park District, the Sugar Grove Public Library District and the Sugar Grove Township. The group named itself the Sugar Grove Paratransit Coalition.

Participation in the program is expected to begin May 1.

Each governmental entity will provide $1,000 in funding for the first year of the agreement. The Sugar Grove Library District will review rider applications and approve them based on criteria established by the coalition.

Ride in Kane submits a bill quarterly for services. If the allotted $4,000 is used up before the end of the year, the board members of the coalition can decide not to contribute additional funding and withdraw from Ride in Kane at that time.

The intergovernmental agreement will come before the Village Board on Tuesday, Feb. 17, for its approval.

Qualifications for eligibility
• Inability to obtain a driver’s license due to age or disability
• Low income residents with no other available transportation

Riders will pay $3 for the first 10 miles of the trip and
$1.50 for each additional mile.

Rides shall be provided for the following purposes
• Work
• Health care visits
• Dialysis
• Rehabilitation
• Adult daycare
• Child daycare
• Programs provided by the members of the coalition

For further information, potential participants may contact
Village Clerk Cindy Welsch at (630) 466-4507, ext. 24.