Be prepared, stay informed

By on May 16, 2010

These 2 things help save lives during tornado season
Kane County—Recent tornado outbreaks in other states serve to remind us all that the arrival of spring brings with it the beginning of tornado season in the Midwest. The Kane County Office of Emergency Management wants to remind everyone of the need to be prepared should a tornado or severe weather threaten.

“Knowing what to do to protect yourself and your family is essential,” said Don Bryant, director of the Kane County Office of Emergency Management. “Make a family protection plan, build an emergency kit with enough supplies for three days, and get trained in first aid and CPR”.

Having an all-hazards NOAA Weather Radio in your home or business to receive severe weather or tornado information should be as commonplace as having a smoke detector in your home, according to the county.

It’s a proven fact that being prepared and staying informed saves lives, according to the county.

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