Letter: Frasz deserves our thanks

By on May 20, 2010

On Tuesday, May 11, members of the Kane County Board voted to remove the county ban on video poker machines in the unincorporated areas of the county. Western Kane County townships, including Big Rock, Blackberry, Campton, Kaneville, Sugar Grove and Virgil, comprise most of unincorporated Kane County.

The general attitude in the 10 townships of western Kane County opposes video gambling, but we are represented by only two members of the board. The other 24 board members represent the six Kane townships located along the Fox River. During the meeting, Elburn resident Jim MacRunnels noted that three of those river town board members have received campaign contributions from the pro-gambling interests, and he asked them to recuse themselves from voting.

I won’t take the space here to list how all board members voted. However, I will note the votes of three:

Bob Kudlicki of Hampshire, one half of our two-member representation on the board, voted for video gambling in November, and again on May 11.

Drew Frasz, the other half of the western Kane townships’ two-member representation on the County Board, stood up against immense pressure put upon him to vote no on placing video gambling machines in our neighborhoods.

Mike Kenyon, board member who is also chairman of the Kane County Republican Party, voted for video gambling on May 11. This is the same Mike Kenyon, who, in 2008, was a member of the Illinois GOP Platform Committee that opposed any expansion of gambling in this state.

Thank you, Drew Frasz, for voicing our concerns and defending your friends and neighbors against the pressures of the County Board and other outside interests.

Dennis C. Ryan