What his future holds

By on May 21, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
KANELAND—Even though he has always been a planner, Charlie McCormick, Kaneland District superintendent for the past 12 years, said when he retires in June, he has no set agenda for the future. When asked what he might do, he answered, “What I want to do.”

McCormick is looking forward to spending more time with his grandchildren, doing genealogy research—his favorite hobby—and fishing in Wisconsin from a sit-on-top kayak he intends to buy.

He also wants to spend time with friends.

“Frankly, my job has not given me a whole lot of time to do that,” McCormick said. “So, going someplace for a cup of coffee some morning and just chit-chatting with people is not anything I’ve had much opportunity to do.”

McCormick said it was not unusual for him to have to attend as many as eight night meetings a month—staff and board and community and committees—after working during the day.

He will miss the general activity level of his job and camaraderie of what he calls his “work family,” but won’t miss those night meetings, he said.

McCormick doesn’t think retirement will be much of an adjustment for him, except in one regard.

“As of 3 p.m. June 11, my opinion won’t matter anymore,” McCormick said. “I will have to get used to that.”