KHS recognizes students for volunteer service

By on May 29, 2010

Kaneland—The Kaneland Knights Generosity Involves Volunteer Effort (GIVE) program has been set up to recognize students who gave back to their school and community through volunteer service.

Kaneland High School recognizes the following students for at least 40 hours of volunteer service this school year: Brittany Bauer, Kami Bauer, Stephanie Bauer, Elaine Cannell, Megan Cline, Dominique Galloway, Dylan Good, Brooke Harner, Amy Husk, Katie Kenkel, Morgan Newhouse, Stephanie Rosenwinkel, Keith Runde, Erik Tattoni.

KHS recognizes the following students for at least 80 service hours during the school year: Eric Eichelberger, Tyler Fabrizius, Valerie Zavala and Mariella Zavala.