Site offers parking since restaurant demolished

By on May 28, 2010

Vacant SG property owned by Jerry Rich
by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—The property located at 270 Main St. in Sugar Grove has experienced several changes over the last 20 years, from its days when the property was known as “The Pointe,” “Duffy’s,” and then “J.R.’s Retreat.”

It’s now known as vacant. Owned by Jerry Rich of Rich Harvest Farms and the Rich Harvest Links golf course, the property hasn’t housed an operating restaurant establishment since 2005.

The former tavern and restaurant building was torn down last fall. The empty site now serves as an overflow parking lot for St. Katherine Drexel Church during the week.

Rich’s son, James, owned the property before and opened J.R.’s Retreat in 1998. Jerry Rich took over the property from his son in 2005 after James’ plan to reintroduce the bar as Chicago West fell through.

Jerry Rich said Wednesday he currently has no plans for the property.

“Personally, I think the way (the property is)—open space with a small amount of parking for the church—is lovely,” Village Clerk Cynthia Galbreath said. “I drive by it each morning, and it has such a nice park-like setting.”

“Of course, it is always nice for the village to have a sales tax-producing business in town,” she added.