Village will keep developer informed about consultant needs

By on May 28, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Sho-Deen Inc. representative David Patzelt told Elburn officials Monday that he would like the village to curtail its use of consultants in the development planning and approval process for the proposed Elburn Station development.

Patzelt said Geneva-based Sho-Deen already has paid more than $100,000 in fees to consultants engaged by the village in relation to Elburn Station project planning.

The village does not have the expertise to conduct some of the engineering planning required for the project and would still have to rely on some consultants, village officials said.

“None of us on this board are planners or engineers,” Village President Dave Anderson said. “We do need the expertise of those people (consultants) in order to do what is right for the village.”

Village administrator Erin Willrett said that in the future, the village will work with Sho-deen to determine how much time a consultant will work on the project.

Thus far, the village has used engineering and planning consultant services for wastewater planning, stormwater planning, design guidelines and other aspects of Elburn Station.