Letter: Support the 2nd fireworks pork chop dinner

By on June 3, 2010

The Elburn Chamber of Commerce thanks all of you who supported our first pork chop dinner in March to raise funds for the The Day in the Park Fireworks. Forty-two tickets were also purchased for the Food Panty, bringing the total to 540—a great help.

However there is still a little way to go. A second pork chop dinner is planned for Wednesday, June 23. As the hot days start to roll in, this will give you at least one night to have a great barbeque with all the trimmings without even having to start up the grill, and for hardly more money than buying the groceries yourself.

You will not only be supporting the fireworks, however. The Lion’s Club benefits as well. Their work with the blind is well known. Taking the money you would normally spend anyway for dinner and buying a pork chop dinner ticket will not only support a great fireworks Day in the Park on Sunday, July 11, but at the same time provide funds that go to helping a portion of our community that we as individuals could normally do very little about. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Tickets are $12 apiece and can be purchased from any chamber member or by calling the chamber itself at (630) 365-2293. Buy a couple for your family and maybe one for the food pantry if you really like multi-tasking.

Gary Augustine
Elburn Chamber of Commerce