Editorial: Time more valuable than money

By on June 10, 2010

With the economy continuing to struggle, and state and local governments falling further into debt, budgets are tight to the point of breaking for most people and organizations.

One local organization that is not struggling financially is Elburn Baseball and Softball. Yet, the group that includes approximately 400 children and 34 teams, may still fold next year due to lack of community support—not financial support, but volunteer support.

The type of support that is free to give but invaluable to those benefitting from their time and effort.

Elburn Baseball and Softball Board member Pete LaSalle submitted a letter to the editor to the Elburn Herald—the same letter the board sent to the parents of the children in the program.

The letter stated that due to extremely low parent volunteerism, the organization will be without many key positions when the current crop of volunteers’ positions end, with no volunteers in place to replace them. Those current vacant positions include president, vice president, field maintenance coordinator, concessions coordinator, registrar, and arbiter (the individual who reschedules rainouts).

According to LaSalle, the group has enough money, equipment, coaches and fields. What it lacks is the group of people dedicated to working behind the scenes to help ensure the organization not only runs effectively, but even runs at all.

LaSalle wrote that the group begins organizing for the next season in August or September. If there continues to be no volunteers willing to step up, the league will fold.

Its next league meeting is Thursday, July 1, at 7 p.m. at the Town and Country Public Library. If you can’t attend that meeting, contact the league through its website at www.elburn.com/baseball.

We hope that enough volunteers step up to allow this league to continue to grow and give local children a place to play and learn how to function as a team.

Given the economy, we could certainly understand how a league might have to fold due to insufficient funds. For Elburn Baseball and Softball, that is not the case. It is much more difficult to understand if it has to fold due to insufficient volunteerism—something that only costs time to give.

Between the two—time and money—the one that is free also is the one that has more value.