Homeowners must finance flooding improvements

By on June 18, 2010

Board approves SSA for subdivisions
by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board decided on June 15 that the village will establish a special service area (SSA) in the Mallard Point and Rolling Oaks subdivisions, which have been plagued by drainage problems.

The board voted 4-3 for the the SSA, which will allow the village to levy a special tax to subdivision property owners to finance drainage improvements.

The SSA vote was deadlocked at 3-3 before Village President Sean Michels broke the tie with a vote in favor creating an SSA similar to those the village established for other developments.

“All our subdivisions in Sugar Grove have a special service area to take care of maintenance and common areas, in case the homeowners association can’t take care of them,” he said. “In this case, Mallard Point doesn’t have a homeowner’s association, so this is a good way to distribute the cost amongst all the homeowners in that subdivision.”

Michels said the village has not yet determined costs or fees that will be associated with the SSA, which the owners of the 350 homes that fall within the area will pay.

To evaluate the drainage issue and assess initial costs for cleaning up the pond and wetlands, the Village employed a management company. The company also will perform annual maintenance to prevent further drainage issues.

Several residents adamantly expressed their displeasure Tuesday about having to bear the cost of drainage improvements.

Trustee Kevin Geary, who opposed the SSA, said he sympathized with them and asked the Village Board to reconsider its stance on the Mallard Point drainage issue.

“This issue is no different than a street that crumbles and we have to search through the budget to find an extra $200,000 to emergency patch (the) road.”