Young artists’ creations are showcased

By on June 18, 2010

by Paula Coughlan
ELBURN/SG—Six-year-old Adam Wold showed an artistic side early on, said his mother, Jenny Wold of Elburn.

“He’d make things from what he rummaged from our recycling bin,” she said. “He created string set ups in his room to slide things on and open doors.”

One such creation—a castle made from egg cartons—is among Adam’s art that is on display at Sugar Grove Public Library through Friday, June 25, along with works by other students of The Art Room.

Because of her son’s talent and interest in art, Adam’s mom enrolled him in classes at The Art Room, in the instructor Jeaneatte Rehmel’s Elburm home.

An acrylic painting of a lion is one of Adam’s creations in The Art Room display at the library this month. He said his teacher helped him with the details.

“I was supposed to draw it inside a cage, but I wanted him outside,” he said. “So Miss Jeannette had me look at pictures to see what it was like where lions live.”

Adam’s parents display more of his art in the family’s house. Moving his hands over a colorful painting of a pirate ship shooting at a boat, Adam told how Rehmel helped him create this piece.

“Miss Jeannette explained that I needed to make the boat being fired on smaller, so that it would seem far away,” Adam said. “My hardest part was drawing the cannon so it would look like it had turned sideways so it could aim at the boat.”

Adam is particularly proud of the ladder he had drawn up to the crow’s nest. He said it was “one of the harder things to get the way I wanted it.”

His ship painting will be on display at another art show at the Sugar Grove Public Library in late fall.

Another painting he did at The Art Room, of a lighthouse, features beams of light glowing at the top, on a dark sky-blue background, showing Adam’s love for color.

In a follow-up to his lion painting, Adam is currently working on a painting of a gazelle.

“I’m going to keep drawing animals that live in the same place,” he said.

Art show
thru Friday, June 25
Sugar Grove Public Library,
125 S. Municipal Drive
Featuring works by students
of The Art Room
The public may view the display
during regular library hours:
Tue.–Thu., 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Fri. and Sat., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Photo: An acrylic painting of a lion is among Elburn 6-year-old Adam Wold’s creations on display at the Sugar Grove Public Library this month. A student of The Art Room in Elburn, Adam plans to produce a series of wild-animal paintings. Courtesy Photo