Businesses ask for expanded liquor-sales hours

By on July 23, 2010

[quote]by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Two Elburn business operators want the village to expand the number of hours they can sell alcohol under the current municipal liquor code.

Kevin Schmidt, owner of Schmidt’s Towne Tap in downtown Elburn, asked the Village Board on Monday for permission to open his bar at 11 a.m. on Sunday instead of at noon as currently allowed under his Class A liquor license.

Currently, restaurants, clubs and taverns may not sell alcohol on Sundays until noon. However, liquor stores in the village may sell packaged liquor starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

Schmidt said since the village allows liquor stores to sell alcohol Sunday morning, bars should have the same privilege.

“I want to be able to open the doors (of Schmidt’s, a sports bar) at 11 a.m., for the pre-game shows,” Schmidt said.

Also on Monday, Hughes Creek Golf Club manager Heather Espe requested that the village allow clubs that hold a Class F liquor license, including Hughes, to begin selling alcohol at 9 a.m. on weekdays and at 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

“We have golfers who want a beer or a bloody Mary at the (course) turn,” Espe said. “It would be a nice added bonus for us, since our competitors (Bliss Creek Golf and Tanna Farms golf clubs) can do it.”

Trustee Jerry Schmidt said he supports both the proposed Class F and Class A liquor code changes.

“I think it’s good for Elburn,” Schmidt said.

Trustees Gordon Dierschow and Patricia Romke also said they support allowing the earlier liquor sales.

If the Village Board approves the Class F and Class A ordinance changes, all businesses in the village that hold those liquor licenses would be affected, not just Schmidt’s and Hughes Creek.

Trustee Bill Grabarek said he is hesitant about permanently allowing the sale of liquor at bars before noon on Sunday, as opposed to just permitting a temporary variance during football season.

Grabarek said that before the board votes on the proposed liquor-code change for Class A licenses, he wants to gauge community sentiment about the issue.

“Do they really want the bars to open at 11 a.m. (Sunday)?” Grabarek asked.

The Village Board possibly will vote on the proposed changes on Monday, Aug. 2.

Liquor stores in Elburn, which hold Class C liquor licenses, would not be affected by either proposed liquor-code change.

One Comment

  1. Elburnite

    July 23, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    For Kevin, It must be nice to have his father Jerry Schmidt as a trustee… Seems to push things through the approval process a little quicker. IMO I think Kevin is pushing his luck since his bar has just been busted by the Illinois Liquor Commission for selling alcohol to minors. It’s strange we haven’t heard of any reprocussions for this offense (which is the responsibility of Dave Anderson). It seems that Dave Anderson and the Village board are more interested in catoring to the bars than protecting our youth from underage drinking.

    Quote from E.H. Article June 11th:
    “Village Liquor Commissioner Dave Anderson said he is not sure if the village will penalize three Elburn businesses that violated the village liquor code by selling alcohol to minors on May 20.”

    Not only will there apparently be no concequences, Kevin will be possibly rewarded with extended liquor-selling hours. This is messed up! I know others have commented on how the bar owner should not be responsible for a bartenders mistake, but atleast some sort of fine would encourage better training and protocol for identifying age. With any license comes responsibility. If there were no conditions to the issuance of a license, the license would mean nothing.

    I can almost guarantee that the approval will go through, watch the E.H. future articles. These guys wash each others hands.