Health Dept. looks to keep hearts healthy

By on February 19, 2009

Cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease and stroke, are Kane County’s—and the nation’s—number-one killer. The Kane County Health Department wants residents to know that since 1963, February has been proclaimed American Heart Month as a way to raise awareness of the battle against these diseases.

With the knowledge that obesity and being overweight are contributing factors to chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, the Health Department’s “Making Kane County Fit for Kids initiative is taking direct aim at the problem.

“We launched Fit for Kids a year ago as a comprehensive, coordinated, community-based initiative,” Executive Director Paul Kuehnert said. “We are seeking to reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity in Kane County and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases.”

More information about the Fit for Kids initiative is available by visiting

The Kane County Coalition for Health and Wellness also is working to improve heart health. One of its initiatives is the Campaign for Wellness, designed to help companies, groups and organizations become as healthy as possible. Coalition members are available to visit organizations and discuss wellness programs.

The coalition has published an action-based guide that provides the tools any organization needs to create its own program. The guide can be downloaded free of charge at