Village will prioritize public works projects

By on July 30, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Elburn village officials approved a new annual budget less than two months ago and already have begun working on one for 2011-12. The reason for the early start is so they can determine what expenses are absolutely necessary and the village can afford.

Village officials’ first step in next year’s budget planning has been reviewing proposed capital expenditures from village staff, including Public Works Superintendent John Nevenhoven.

“This is going to be the hardest part of the budget (process), because we will have to get a clear idea of what the (Village Board’s) priorities are,” Village Administrator Erin Willrett said during Monday’s Public Works Committee meeting.

Nevenhoven said his 2011-12 budget request list is “heavy on the water side.” Among items on the list is replacing collapsed sections of clay-tile storm sewer pipe under Route 47 at Pierce Street, for $25,000.

“At some point, that is going to give way, and we need to get in there,” Nevenhoven said.

A more expensive project that Nevenhoven listed as one the village should do next year is maintenance of the north water tower, at a cost of $101,259 plus engineering expenses.

Aside from those water-related capital projects, the village needs to spend $40,000 on road improvements in 2011-12, Nevenhoven said. Because of budget constraints, the village will not replace the sub-base on most roads slated for improvement. Instead, crews will grind down the streets’ surfaces and replace the asphalt.

“It is more cost-effective,” Nevenhoven said.

The Public Works Committee will review Nevenhoven’s budget request and recommend to the Village Board the projects they believe the village should undertake next year.