Hughes is 2010 SG Citizen of the Year

By on July 30, 2010

Selection committee cites her contribution to community culture
by Mike Slodki
SUGAR GROVE—What should any candidate for Sugar Grove’s Citizen of the Year award embody? “Someone who loves Sugar Grove,” Sugar Grove Library Friends President and former Citizen of the Year Pat Graceffa said.

This year’s winner, Beverly Holmes Hughes, fit that criterion.

“She’s an asset to the community; she knows everyone,” Graceffa said.

The annual Citizen of the Year award ceremony took place on Saturday during the Corn Boil and highlighted Hughes’ service to the community for the past 20 years.

“I’m quite honored by this,” Hughes said on Tuesday at the Sugar Grove Public Library, where she is the director.

“And truly, like the rest of my life, this wasn’t conventional,” Hughes said. “To do what I do, in a place that I love, has been just a wonderful adventure.”

Nearly 40 Sugar Grove residents nominated Hughes for the award.

Aside from being the library director, Hughes has given many hours of her time to the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Sugar Grove Library Friends, \Sugar Grove Corn Boil, Sugar Grove Historical Society and Sugar Grove Park District Garden Club, among other organizations.

“Being involved for the last 20 years and to be recognized is just amazing,” Hughes said. “To think all those times people said, ‘You should be that person (Citizen of the Year),’ and I’ve always discounted that and said ‘I’m just doing my job.’”

The Citizen of the Year Committee, which selected Hughes from among the nominees, issued a statement about their choice: “Beverly has enriched life in our village with her selfless and creative involvement in many areas that truly enhance Sugar Grove’s cultural opportunities.”

A prominent example of Hughes’ time and effort for the community was her role in the library’s move a year ago to a brand-new building on Municipal Drive in Sugar Grove.

“It’s about always moving forward and as a community and seeing what the next step is in order to help people in the community,” Hughes said. “It’s like the reference desk; people come to us with a question and we help them find the answer.”

Hughes, of North Aurora, follows previous winners Jim Wilhelm in 2009, Karen McCannon in 2008 and Joe Wolf in 2007.

Photo by Ben Draper