Letter: Thank you for the fireworks

By on August 13, 2010

I would like to say thank you to those who have provided fireworks once a year for 12 out of the last 13 years.

Thank you, Elburn Chamber of Commerce, for taking on the responsibility of raising funds to pay for a $10,000-plus display when everyone still thinks that the village of Elburn handles this and their taxes pay for it. Thank you for the times my children and their spouses were dazzled by an impressive fireworks display on a memorable family evening at no cost to us. Thank you.

Thank you, Leslie Flint of the Elburn Herald. I know the hundreds of hours you have spent over the last five or so years in arranging for fireworks, sound stages, bands, vendors, volleyball and bags tournaments, port-a-potties, parking workers, trash pick-up and park clean-up when there was absolutely nothing in it for you.

Thank you, Bill Brauer (and Luke Goucher in the past) of American Bank and Trust, president of the chamber, not only for the hours put in on the committee for Day in the Park in arranging police protection for the crowds, Fire Department permits and insurance for the event, but also the golf outing and the oversight of all the committees.

Thank you, Joe Huml of Old Second Bank, for calling through dozens of chamber members to sell advertising to help fund the event. Thank you, all you who helped set up, advertise and sell pork chop dinner tickets to cover the cost of the event. Thank you, Karen Park of Old Second for working with your husband to set up the day with help from the Lions. And thank you, chamber, for covering the $4,000 shortfall due to the rain so that we in Elburn could still have this event.

And thank you for being willing to make the difficult decision to have the fireworks on that touch-and-go evening. People had come out; some paid for parking. The decision was a hard one, and I didn’t have to make it. Your willingness to do something nice for Kaneland residents when there was no return for you—not even getting credit for doing all that work—did not go unnoticed entirely. Thank you.

Pastor Gary Augustine