WCC students extend TV ad campaign

By on August 15, 2010

Sugar Grove—Waubonsee Community College’s award-winning “Where Futures Take Shape” television commercial campaign utilized a cliffhanger approach, with the characters’ stories continuing online. Now, the campaign itself is continuing, thanks to the efforts of the college’s communication students.

At www.wherefuturestakeshape.com, visitors can view all of the campaign’s commercials, including two student-produced spots. Assistant Professor of Communications Larry Modaff typically assigns his Introduction to Advertising Communication class a radio or TV commercial project, but saw a special opportunity in producing something about the college.

“Students really did seem to enjoy turning their sights onto a product for which they were part of the target market,” Modaff said. “I really believe that creating ads for Waubonsee helped them feel more connected with the college.”

“The fact that I actually go here did make it very personal,” said student Lauren Gould, of Elburn.

Gould came up with a commercial concept involving a young man who is having a hard time getting both a job and an apartment until a solution suddenly comes to him—in the form of a frisbee with a Waubonsee logo on it.

“We had to do so many different takes of that, but each one was so funny,” said Gould, who had to aim and time her frisbee throw from off-camera. “Everything was really challenging, but it was great how we could pull it all together.”