Golf’s fab ‘fore’

By on August 19, 2010

Guyton, Douglas, Krueger, Schuberg head up 2010 team
KANELAND—If anything, KHS golf returns in 2010 with some experience at State.

As in second place in the State.

Senior Hayley Guyton comes off a stellar showing in 2009 in the Girls State tournament, to be an important part of the boys golf team in 2010.

Guyton joins Kaneland returning assets Josh Schuberg, a senior, and juniors Zach Douglas and Troy Krueger, in having sectional experience from a year before.

“She’s continuing to play really well,” sixth-year coach Mark Meyer said. “Luckily for us, we have quite a few players that have decided to step up their game. We’re going to have a good strong core at the top.”

Schuberg, Douglas and Krueger provide stability for a team that will have some varsity holes to fill.

“Those three made it into sectionals last year which was exciting, and it’s exciting that they’re all coming back.”

Adam Grams also returns to the links ready to help out, bringing the collective tenure of the team up.

“We are going to have a couple of freshman that will probably play a little bit on varsity, and they’ll have to get ready for playing on the varsity team,” Meyer said about personnel like Brody Kuhar.

Last year’s Knights finished 5-7 in dual competition and hope to accentuate the positive.

“We have a little more depth now than last year. Now we’re playing only seven people per conference match. There’s no doubt that one-through-seven we’ve got some solid golfers,” Meyer said.

Solid and more is what the Knight golfers will have to be to get to postseason glory.

Hayley has set pretty high goals for herself at the end with the State tournament. We’ll get together to set some team goals. I’m sure Hayley is looking forward to the girls tournament at the end of the season and understands that she maybe played the best golf of her life at State. If she gets hot at the end of the season, anything can happen. For the boys that made a dent at the end of the season, they’re looking to get back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if our team as a whole made a dent in the postseason,” Meyer said.

Beginning the season this past Monday, the first conference action begins on Wednesday, Aug. 25 in Rochelle, with the NIB-12 meet on Wednesday, Sept. 29.