SG plan will highlight path connections

By on August 20, 2010

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday reviewed the draft of a bicycle and pedestrian path connectivity plan for both recreation and short-distance travel in the community.

“We really want to get the (plan) out there so our residents know about the (bicycling) opportunities that are in Sugar Grove, especially the Virgil Gilman trail,” Village President Sean Michels said.

Called the Bicycle and Pedestrian Short-Term Connectivity Plan, it highlights the Virgil L. Gilman trail as the “backbone” of connectivity in the area, as the trail links with other paths in Kane County. The plan also stresses the importance of improving safety on existing paths. In addition, it emphasizes connections of bike and pedestrian paths to local, popular destinations in order to encourage bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation.

“We want to get people and families to the Virgil Gilman trail safely, because it’s such a great asset to get out there with a family and have that recreational time together.”

Sugar Grove Trustee Mary Heineman, the head of the Village Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Committee, presented the plan draft to the board.

“I am glad Mary and her committee spent a lot of time on this, so that we can get this (plan) out to public and take advantage of it,” Michels said.

When the committee finishes the Bicycle and Pedestrian Short-Term Connectivity Plan, it will seek approval of the the document from village, Sugar Grove Park District and Sugar Grove Township.

This plan is separate and distinct from the village’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Longterm Connectivity Plan Map, which shows the ultimate build-out of paths in Sugar Grove.