Letter: Teachers union should defer pay increases

By on February 19, 2009

Perhaps this letter is premature. However, I feel compelled to express my thoughts in writing.

I’m trying to save jobs. Twice before, I have verbally suggested that the Kaneland School Board approach the teacher’s union to ask for them to defer the pay increases granted during the last negotiations. I’m sure it did not fall upon deaf ears, but I never had the opportunity to attend a union meeting to address the issue with them.

First, let me explain where I’m coming from. I’m a great believer in community, as exemplified by my volunteer efforts at the Kaneland Citizen’s Advisory Committee and Elburn and Countryside Community Center. Elburn and (its) surrounding area is (a) community, (a) community where neighbor helps neighbor and organizations work toward building relationships with each other, be it government or private.

The last time I expressed my opinion was at the School Board meeting, where the room was overflowing with teachers and their representatives.

Teachers: In my opinion, now is the time to show your community spirit. Please don’t wait for the School Board to announce the specific jobs that are being cut. Be proactive and pre-empt the School Board; How can they refuse? Step up to the plate and offer to defer those increases that were negotiated in the last contract until such time as our economy improves. The emphasis is on deferred, not given up. Jobs will be saved (hopefully certified jobs), so there will be no reductions of class sizes; programs can continue; and best of all, the entire community will benefit.

H. Jack Hansen