Letter: Two major parties demonstrate little difference

By on August 26, 2010

Mr. Russell is partially correct in his letter, published on Thursday, Aug. 19, regarding Congressman Foster. We can’t afford another term for Mr. Foster. But, would voting for Republican Randy Hultgren end the piles of debt of the last 40 years?

It has made little difference which of the two major parties has been in control. 1998 to 2001 are the only years since 1970 that we have not had a U.S. budget deficit. Those years happen to coincide with Ross Perot bringing the deficit to the public’s attention during his presidential campaigns.

Most of us, who are old enough, remember his graphs and charts that brought the issue to the people. It seems like the only time the Republicans or Democrats accomplish anything or take the needs of the citizens seriously is when they feel their jobs are threatened. Maybe this is why the two parties, in Illinois, continue to pass more and more restrictive election laws to keep other parties from challenging them.

Unfortunately, for the Republican and Democrat parties, the Green Party became a recognized party after the 2006 election.The Democrat Party played every trick in the book to keep Rich Whitney and the Green Party off of the ballot. Currently, the Republican Party is doing everything they can to keep the Libertarians off of the ballot.

Fortunately for Illinois voters, the Green candidates not only retained their ballot line, Whitney received enough votes to make the party a recognized party.

The Green Party not only has candidates for all statewide races, the 14th Congressional District voters have Dan Kairis, the Green candidate. Kairis is the only candidate who has outlined clear energy and trade policies to generate millions of American jobs. Check out his website at kairisforcongress.com.

The voters in the 14th District can send a message to both the other two parties that 40 years of their failed policies is enough. Vote for Kairis and the other Green candidates so our children won’t have to face the failures of the Republicans and Democrats for another 40 years.

Jeffrey Walsma