Board to determine tree program’s focus

By on August 26, 2010

ELBURN—Elburn village officials plan to spend approximately $8,800 on the next phase of Elburn’s tree program. The Village Board will decide in September whether the program in 2010-11 will focus on tree removal, tree replacement or a combination of removal and replacement.

The Elburn Public Works Department this year removed 92 dead or dying trees in the Prairie Valley subdivision and will pull 10 to 12 more trees in Blackberry Creek subdivision this week. Most of the trees are ash that are affected by the emerald ash borer.

Replacement trees include maple, linden and oak varieties.

Since the village cannot afford to replace all of the trees it removes, it has a 50-50 replacement program through which a property owner may pay half the cost for a new tree and its installation. The village will replace those trees first.