Kaneland fails to meet learning standards

By on August 27, 2010

by David Maas and Martha Quetsch
KANELAND—In 2009-10, Kaneland School District did not make adequate yearly progress (AYP) toward meeting state learning standards under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

“This is the first time the district has not met the standards,” Erika Schlichter, Kaneland’s director of educational services, told the School Board on Monday.

The district’s AYP failure was because three subgroups within the district—Hispanic students, students with disabilities and economically disadvantage students—did not meet state standards in reading and math, Schlichter said.

Annual achievement test scores determine whether students are meeting state learning standards. For 2009-10, the state required that 77.5 of students within the School District, and within each subgroup with 45 or more students, to meet state learning standards for the district to make AYP.

Overall, 84.8 percent of district students met state standards in reading, and 88.1 percent met state standards in math. However, within Kaneland’s subgroups, 54.9 percent of students with disabilities met state standards in reading and 63.7 percent in math; 69.2 percent of Hispanic students met state standards in reading and 63.7 percent in math; and 69.8 percent of economically disadvantaged students met state standards in reading and 74.3 percent in math.

Kaneland High School (KHS) did not meet state standards in reading and math, either. Sixty-one percent of 11th graders met reading standards and 51.6 percent met math standards, according to their Prairie State Achievement Exam scores. KHS test scores were not the reason that the district did not make AYP, Schlichter said.

Despite Kaneland’s failure to make AYP because of the subgroups’ test scores, the state has not identified the district for improvement status. The reason the district still is in good standing with the state is because grades three through eight met the learning standards, Schlichter said.

However, Schlichter said she is looking forward to talking with Kaneland officials about the steps the district will take to continue to improve its AYP standings.

In September, she will present the School Board with in-depth data regarding elementary, middle and high school AYP statistics for the district. District officials also will discuss school improvement plans.

Board member Ken Carter said he is particularly interested in seeing the findings for KHS.

“I’d like to see why exactly the (high school) standards weren’t met,” Carter said.

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  1. 302peep

    August 27, 2010 at 7:31 AM

    Its a shame that groups of children are being blamed. Bottom line, Kaneland is not doing their job. Why not break up the rest of the groups while they are at it.