Letter: Another example of the police state we live in

By on September 2, 2010

We live in a police state, and it is getting worse. George W. Bush has sent this nation down two very bad paths.

a) We go kick the bee’s nest. We anger all kinds of people in the Middle East. We kiss up to Israel, and let them behave belligerently with impunity. We have killed millions of people in Iraq. We have made so many enemies we couldn’t begin to count them. Worse, we have flooded the region and our enemies with cash. The New York Times and Washington Post reliably inform us that the Pakistani government is funding the Taliban. … The notion of winning the war which has cost us trillions of dollars is inescapably impossible, our daily actions are making things worse not better. This loose change (billions) will fund our enemies so they have real weapons, not rocks and words. Sooner or later it will all come back to haunt us.

b) In response to the rapidly increasing number and capacity of new enemies, we are turning our own nation into a police state. Worse, we are being ignorantly reactive instead of proactive. Nothing we are doing will increase our security while it has profoundly curtailed our civil liberties.

The nation lives in fear. It should fear itself. We are crumbling under the weight of our mismanagement.

Jeff MacKenzie