Fun Fest: Crazy idea pans out

By on September 3, 2010

MAPLE PARK—Hundreds of people turn out each year to watch Toilet Bowl Challenge during Fun Fest. But when Pat Mudinger and a friend first decided to hold the toilet bowl races in Maple Park, he wasn’t sure how the event would turn out.

They came up with the idea several years ago.

“We were coming back from a planning meeting on a snowy night in February trying to figure out what to do at the Fest besides music,” he said. “My friend knew a church group in Effingham that had had a toilet bowl race one year. We talked about it over a few beers, and it became clearer and clearer.”

Mudinger and his buddy concluded that the idea was just crazy enough to work. But as the street filled with a crowd curious to see what this crazy idea was, Mudinger was nervous that no one would enter. Sure enough, five or six brave contestants drove their homemade toilet cars in heats to determine the fastest. The crowds keep coming back year after year.

“It’s just crazy. It’s a way to push a toilet down the road and have fun doing it,” Mudinger said.