Fun Fest: You won’t win a thing if you don’t have that bling

By on September 3, 2010

by Lynn Meredith
MAPLE PARK—Maybe it’s a girl thing, but decorating a commode for Maple Park Fun Fest’s Toilet Bowl Challenge is maybe even more important than winning the race.

To Beth Miller and her galpals, Amy Jendruczek and Colleen Slowick, it’s all about the bling. So what, if their husbands have placed first as the fastest toilet-bowl car three years running?

“We know our limitations and know we’re not going to be the fastest. We go for Best in Show. We deck out and bling the toilet,” Miller said. “Last year we did a play on ‘Pretty in Pink’ and bedazzled it with glitter and sequins.”

The year before, with “The Pot of Gold,” the women dressed as leprechauns with pointy shoes and all. The toilet was painted black on the bottom, the seat was painted with gold coins, and a rainbow graced the top.

The trio is staying mum on this year’s theme, even though they decided on it at the end of the race last year. They spend all year collecting just the right decor for their theme with help from neighbors and their kids, who support them by dressing in costumes the day of the race.

Mum’s the word on who will be participating in the race this year, according to founder and coordinator of the challenge, Pat Mudinger. While every year there are about eight teams of contestants, Mudinger is never quite sure.

“I never know how many participants there will be until the day of the race,” Mudinger said. “I’m sweating bullets looking out on the street with three to four hundred people.”

Miller said that it’s crazy and fun to be a part of the challenge, but she warns spectators to keep their heads up.

“You have to watch out for casualties,” she said. “You never know which way the toilets will go.”

Toilet Bowl Challenge
Saturday, Sept. 4 • 1 p.m.
American Legion Building, Maple Park
3-member teams will compete
in heats of 2 toilet-bowl cars