Sho-Deen must pay village for development-related consultants

By on September 10, 2010

by Martha Quetsch
ELBURN—Sho-Deen, a Geneva developer with plans to build a residential and commercial development on the village’s east side, objected again to paying for village consulting work related to the project, but village officials did not relent.

The Village Board on Monday decided in a 3-2 vote that Sho-Deen must pay for a $3,500 village consultant report that the developer said is unnecessary.

In late May, Sho-Deen representative David Patzelt told Elburn officials that the developer wanted to move forward with the Elburn Station project as soon as possible. At that time, he also said he would like the village to curtail its use of consultants in the development planning and approval process for the proposed Elburn Station development. The village has required Sho-Deen and other developers to pay for all village-consultant work related to their projects.

The Elburn Village Board approved Sho-Deen’s basic concept plan two years ago for a 681-acre residential and commercial development from just north of Route 38 at Anderson Road and south to Keslinger Road. The project currently is in the preliminary planning phase, which includes engineering reports concerning stormwater management requirements.

During the past several months, Sho-Deen’s engineers, as well as engineers working for Kane County, prepared stormwater management reports for the area of the county project that will extend Anderson Road through the Elburn Station development to Keslinger Road. Sho-Deen and the county are awaiting federal approval of those stormwater management reports.

Elburn officials plan to have the village engineering consultant, Rempe-Sharpe, produce its own stormwater management report. Sho-Deen objected to having to pay for the village consultant’s report.

“We don’t want to pay Rempe-Sharpe for what (our engineer), the county engineer and the federal government (Federal Emergency Management) have already reviewed,” Skidmore said.

Trustees Jeff Walter, Ken Anderson and Gordon Dierschow said they believe the developer should pay for the village consultant’s work, but Trustees Jerry Schmidt and Patricia Romke said the village should bear the cost.

Although he was not required to vote, Village President Dave Anderson said it is the village’s responsibility to complete its own stormwater management report.

“We would be remiss as a village if we did not do due diligence,” Anderson said.

Trustee Schmidt, however, said the village engineering report was unnecessary.

“It seems like we go engineering-broke around here,” Schmidt said. “Three engineers already (will have prepared reports). I think we should work with the developer and get the project home.”

The reason Trustee Jeff Walter wants the village to conduct its own stormwater management engineering study for the Anderson Road extension area is to make sure Elburn Station will not have flooding issues.

“If it becomes like Mallard Point (a Sugar Grove subdivision with frequent stormwater flooding) in 15 years, what are we going to do, go back to the county?” Walter said.

Elburn Station background

Sho-Deen Inc. first presented the proposal to the village in January 2007. The development location is on the east side of the village between Route 38 and Keslinger Road. Access to the south side of the development will require the extension of Anderson Road to Keslinger.

Plans for Elburn Station feature single-family homes on lots ranging in width from 30 to 80 feet; multi-family housing within a half-mile around the Metra station with density up to 12 units per acre; and commercial areas on the north and south sides.

The total number of planned residences is 3,009, including up to 1,000 multi-family units.