Letter: Bill Foster and energy policy

By on September 16, 2010

Congressman Bill Foster touts his experience as a businessman and a scientist. Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten his background when it comes to his energy policy.

As a businessman, he should know the best solutions are derived from those closest to the problem and not from some distant bureaucracy. As a scientist, he should know that the controversial “global warming” findings are far from settled and require further research. But as a politician, he embraces big government programs that have stalled the current economic recovery.

His campaign website calls for a mandatory, worldwide pricing mechanism for CO2 and greenhouse gasses, including a cap-and-trade system for the U.S.

Congressman Foster does not explain how this pricing mechanism would work, nor what differentiates this scheme from the one he voted against. Whether such a system would actually lead to a reduction of green house gas emissions is uncertain. What is certain is that any such system would increase the burden of government regulation in the economy, increase the cost of manufacturing for all companies and increase the amount of uncertainty businesses would have to face when making hiring decisions.

If enacted, these job and economic growth killing ideas would stifle the economy, leaving millions of more Americans out of work. While every American values the environment and the need to preserve it for future generations, Congressman Foster seems to value the uncertain science of global warming over the real needs of out-of-work Americans today.

Instead of the heavy handed, top-down system that Bill Foster supports, Randy Hultgren believes that creating incentives for newer, clean energy technologies will harness the spirit of American ingenuity and lead to new industries, which will create both jobs and markets for tomorrow’s energy resources. Support Randy Hultgren on Nov. 2.

Kent Alcott