County requires additional testing to combat DUIs

By on September 28, 2010

Kane County—Some offenders convicted in Kane County of drunken driving now must submit to additional testing to prove they have not violated court orders in a new initiative of the Kane County State’s Attorney.

The new Holiday Alcohol Testing program will take place during holidays and other times that statistically have been associated with high or increased alcohol consumption.

The objective of the program is to provide additional incentive for certain offenders who are prohibited from drinking to avoid alcohol at specific times when they might be tempted to do otherwise. Repeat or high-risk DUI offenders typically are ordered by the court not to consume alcohol during their sentence and to submit to periodic testing to prove they are not consuming alcohol.

In the future, offenders will be tested before, during and after Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, New Year’s, Super Bowl weekend, St. Patrick’s Day, the weekend of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Memorial Day weekend and Independence Day, as well as Labor Day.